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Chen Qinwu

Multimagic squares, Computer science Lab. Shantou Univ.

Alejandre, Suzanne

These pages present Magic Squares as a way of teaching math

Boyer, Christian

Multimagic squares (bimagic, trimagic, tetramagic, pentamagic). These pages are available on English, German and French.

Farrar, Mark S.

Magic Squares from the viewpoint of a magicican

Gao Zhiyuan

Magic Squares from China

Grogono, Alan W.

Theory of pandiagonal Magic Squares

Heinz, Harvey

A great collection of Magic Squares

Hendricks, John R.

Magic Squares and Cubes

Kelly, Charles

A Java applet to generate Magic Squares and Hypercubes

Linek, Vaclav

An extensive investigation to Anti-Magic Squares

Ollerenshaw, Kathleen

Most-perfect Magic Squares

Shin, Kwon Young

Magic Squares - history, methods of solution, samples

Suzuki, Mutsumi

A large site about Magic Squares: a great database, algorithms, mathematical background, history and a lot of links. (Unfortunately the original webside has closed, but this is a mirror now)

Trump, Walter

Information about trimagic and ultramagic Squares

Weisstein, Eric W.

Information about Magic Squares, part of Eric's Treasure Trove Of Math, a very comprehensive work

Winkel, Aale de

Explores the theory of Magic Squares and Cubes - carpets, pedagrees, multiplication, etc.