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Looking for her for million times

 (The process to solve the 16th trimagic square)

Chen Qinwu

    That afternoon, I rewrote the program. In spite of its complexity, I kept on thinking hard. As I had not had a good rest, I felt so tired that my head ached seriously. But I was still considering the problem while I was taking a rest. Finally the program was executed successfully, and the result came out soon. Then I checked the result. Eureka! All the 16 rows met the requirement, and I couldnt control my excitement. As an ancient Chinese poem goes:

I look for her for million times. When all at once I turn my head, I find her there where lantern light is dimly shed. (An ancient Chinese poem written by Xin Qiji )

After adjusting the 16 rows, its as easy as winking to adjust 16 columns and the diagonals. However, as I didnt take a rest at noon, I was still afflicted by headache. Then I thought I needed a good rest.

In the evening, after a rest of several hours, I felt a little better, and I went on arranging the 16 columns of the matrix. The following morning, when I told Prof. Chen the exciting news, he was so happy that he couldnt helps jumping. He came to the campus in the morning against his own rule, and we immediately wrote a program to search the diagonals.

Those who work hard will be rewardedA month of painstaking work had not been done for nothing. After working day and night and surmounting so many difficulties, we got a perfect result at last. 16th trimagic square many people search for you even in their dreams, when you come to us quietly, you look as beautiful as beautiful can be!

Learning the news that 16th trimagic square came out, Gao Zhiyuan, Li Kangqiang, chairmen of Chinese Magic Square Pursuers Association , and a French friend sent me letters of congratulation. Here are some of them.

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