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 Learning the news that 16th trimagic square came out, Gao Zhiyuan, Li Kangqiang, chairmen of Chinese Magic Square Pursuers Association , and a French friend sent me letters of congratulation.

Here are some of them:


Dear Mr. Chen Qinwu:

Learning of your success in searching for the 16th-trimagic square, I feel very happy! The solution of 16th trimagic square is an important achievement. Many pursuers have studied for years, and we have been longing for the result even in our dreams. Now you and Prof. Chen Mutain succeeded in working out the solution to the 16th trimagic with computer through your efforts and operation. What inspiring news! You have won honor for us Chinese. I congratulate you on behalf of the Chinese Magic Pursuers Association.

We hope you to publish this result as soon as possible. Of course, we hope it can be certificated internationally. We have a French friend, who is collecting the results of magic square all over the world. I believe your success can boost our own morale.

 Gao Zhiyuan, Yan’an Education College.


Dear Mr. Chen Qinwu


16th trimagic square is really a stronghold hard to capture. Seven years have elapsed, since 1997. Many magic square expert have made painstaking efforts in itand you have succeeded. You have won honor for us ChineseI, myself, on behalf of friends of Chinese Magic Pursuers Association, congratulate you and your partner sincerely, and hope you to achieve more successes. I wish the result can be certificated internationally.

Now Mr. Wang Zhonghang is taking charge of the accounts of our association, I hope we can cash the premium set for this. Of course, you have studied magic square not for this little premium, but we must keep our promises.

We have received and saved all the mails you sent. We will publish them in our publication.

Li Kangqiang, Chairman of Chinese Magic Square Pursuers Association.


Dear friends,

I have checked your square, and yes it is a trimagic square. Congratulations!

Your square has been added in the update done today of www.multimagie.com/indexengl.htm

Click on News of May 2005 in the left menu.

I understand, with your email addresses, that you are working at the Shantou University.

Are you students or teachers? Could you explain how you have constructed your square?


Best regards from France.

Christian Boyer.

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